EEGEN Holiday 2023 Collection

Fabrics that cling to every curve and Hand-pleating techniques that are sophisticated create tailored ensembles enunciating an hourglass silhouette.  Those can be the first impressions when you look at EEGAN Holiday 2023 collection.

Sustainable and ready-to-wear fashion is the current trend among today's customers. When attractive, well-groomed clothing is worn not just to events but also on a daily basis, consumers are prepared to spend high amounts for garments that express their status, vision, and personality wherever they appear. Besides that, keeping up with high fashion trends that require manual techniques, EEGEN provides the designs that are 100% hand-sewn with the ingenuity and sophistication of highly-skilled sewing experts. EEGEN wants the females who wear their outfits to have a stylish, modern image with an elite lifestyle.


Couture traditions are made both human and approachable, light with luminosity, lucidity, and ease for the wearer. Eschewing ‘costume’ and embracing a softer, more yielding feeling of agency for the woman in the clothing, a mutability is sought and expressed.

The design focuses on softness and emphasizes the discreet curves of a woman's body. Sleeves are sewn in a soft butterfly pattern, dotted with a few cutouts to accentuate the wearer's chest and shoulder frame. In addition, the color of the costume is also very simple and delicate with the main colors being: red, black, white, gold brown.


The soft pleated lines on the tight-fitting fabric clothes create outstanding highlights, helping the woman's shoulders to be absolutely exalted. When pleating the bodice of a dress and the desired effect will be very contoured around the body, a seamstress will pin the pleats one by one to the dress form with a piece of bias fabric.

This technique also applies to the FENDI Couture spring summer 2023 collection in Paris. Kim Jones, designer of the collection, stated: “The techniques and craft of couture, with the lightness, fluidity embraces the attitude of today. The ateliers and the craftspeople who realise these garments, the intense work and emotional commitment to each piece that exists for both maker and wearer, and how the intimate traditions of the couture are both living and breathing.”

Let’s take a look at the designs in EEGEN Holiday 2023 Collection:

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